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<1>、If you visit our website for the first time, or if you do not have your login and password yet, please read the Registration Agreement and join free to create your new account or you could just sign in with your Facebook/Google account to register in our Customers’ database.

<2>、If you already have your logging data, fill in the fields: login and password and confirm with the"loggin" button.

<3>、If you have any not closed orders, their list will appear in the cart (in the upper right catalogue corner). Then you can add successive products to the previously opened order or to select the new order creation option.

<4>、Select the appropriate article, by using the search engine or browsing through groups of products.

<5>、Enter the selected quantity of the selected article, paying attention to Minimum product quantity (PICS/CTN), which is specified by the fewest quantity stated for a given product in the price chart.

<6>、Confirm the quantity and price of the products, adding or delete the products you wanted in the cart and then confirm with the “check out” button.

<7>、If you create a new order, then while adding the first product you will see the order heading, which you need to fill in.

  1. Select your shipping address;
  2. Select a payment method;
  3. Choose a way of logistics (by consulting us with skype);
  4. Final Confirm Order;
  5. Submit Orders.