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Product Name: Category 5e Tooless Unshielded Information Module (the Product of WorldSkills)
1. High-Quality Materials: Made from ABS impact-resistant plastic, IDC terminals are silver-plated at 1.3 microns, compatible with 24, 23, and 22 AWG cables.
2. Excellent Anti-Oxidation: Socket core is 50U gold-plated, supporting more than 1500 insertion and removal cycles without wear. Punch-down ports support over 250 terminations.
3. Good Compatibility: Supports T568A and T568B wiring sequences, meets the requirements of 100 Mbps Ethernet over copper cabling.
4. Easy Installation: Suitable for information points in work areas and modular patch panels. The tool-free design makes installation simpler and more consistent.
Materials: High-pressure resistant, flame-retardant plastic  
Fire Rating: UL-rated 94V-0  
Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 60℃  
Storage Temperature: -40℃ to 70℃  
Humidity: 90%  
Insertion/Removal Cycles: ≥1500 times  
Punch-Down Port Terminations: Over 250 times  
Tensile Strength: 133N/min  
Connector Retention Strength: 30 lbs (13.62 kg)  
Rated Current: 1.5A (at 20℃)  
Minimum Insulation Resistance: 500M ohms  
Insulation Voltage: 1000VAC RMS
Contact Retention Force: 100G/min (up to)  
Minimum DC Stability Voltage: 1000VAC RMS (60Hz contact to contact), 1500VAC RMS (60Hz surface conduction)

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